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Dynamic Symbol Grounding, State Construction and the Problem of Teleology

Erich Prem

Symbol grounding has originated within the connectionist-symbolic debate so as to gap the bridge between the two approaches. This paper provides an overview about recent results concerning symbol grounding, which is critically reviewed here. A thorough analysis reveals that symbol grounding parallels transcendental logic and is best viewed as automated model construction. If this diagnosis is true, the necessary next question must be which sort of models are generated in symbol grounding systems. The answer to this question very much depends on the kind of network architecture employed for grounding. An illustrative neural network architecture is used to explain how a dynamic symbol grounding system generates a formal model. It is argued that, depending on the architecture, very different kinds of signs ranging from input to goal descriptions can be grounded.

Citation: Prem E.: Dynamic Symbol Grounding, State Construction and the Problem of Teleology, Proc. International Workshop on Artificial Neural Networks 1995, Torremolinos, Spain.