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OFAI-TR-2012-06 ( 139kB PDF file)

A MIREX meta-analysis of hubness in audio music similarity

Arthur Flexer, Dominik Schnitzer, Jan Schlueter

We use results from the 2011 MIREX ``Audio Music Similarity and Retrieval'' task for a meta analysis of the hub phenomenon. Hub songs appear similar to an undesirably high number of other songs due to a problem of measuring distances in high dimensional spaces. Comparing 17 algorithms we are able to confirm that different algorithms produce very different degrees of hubness. We also show that hub songs exhibit less perceptual similarity to the songs they are close to, according to an audio similarity function, than non-hub songs. Application of the recently introduced method of ``mutual proximity'' is able to decisively improve this situation.

Keywords: Music Information Retrieval, Hubs

Citation: Proceedings of the 13th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR'12), Porto, Portugal, October 8th-12th, 2012