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OFAI-TR-2009-02 ( 1574kB PDF file)

FM4 Soundpark: Audio-based Music Recommendation in Everyday Use

Martin Gasser, Arthur Flexer

We present an application of content-based music recommendation techniques within an online community platform targeted at an audience interested mainly in independent and alternative music. The web platformÂ’s goals will be described, the problems of content management approaches based on daily publishing of new music tracks will be discussed, and we will give an overview of the user interfaces that have been developed to simplify access to the music collection. Finally, the adoption of content-based music recommendation tools and new user interfaces to improve user acceptance and recommendation quality will be justified by detailed user access analyses.

Keywords: Music Information Retrieval, Music Recommendation, Audio Similarity, Visualization

Citation: Proceedings of the 6th Sound and Music Computing Conference, Porto, Portugal, 2009.