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Motivating Dramatic Interactions

Stefan Rank, Paolo Petta

Simulated dramatic story-worlds need to be populated with situated software agents that act in a dramatically believable way. In order to provide flexible roleplayers, agent architectures should limit the required external macro-level control. We present work on an architecture that exploits social embedding and concepts from appraisal theories of emotion to achieve the enactment of simple cliche plots. The interplay of motivational constructs and the subjective evaluative interpretation of changes in an agent's environment provide for the causal and emotional connections that can lead to the unfolding of a story.

Keywords: drama, cognitive appraisal theories of emotion, situated agent, emotion, motivation, agent architectures

Citation: Rank S., Petta P. (2005): Motivating Dramatic Interactions. In Agents that Want and Like: Motivational and Emotional Roots of Cognition and Action, Proceedings of the AISB05 Symposium, April 12-15 2005, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK, pp.102-107.